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Summary by Deloitte and DxD with the support of Iñaki Codoner.

What is the technology about? Cloud allows to centralize all IT components and decouple hardware from software. Google is a great example of cloud, you access great computing power and amounts of data from any device.

Evolution of the technology: From local servers, to servers in a datacenter (e.g. colocation and hosting), to virtual servers (e.g. Amazon EC2), to serverless computing (e.g. Amazon Lambdas).

Key metrics: cost per server, cost per GB of storage, number of functionalities

Key changes:

  • From hardware stack for each software element to a shared hardware stack
  • From ~5% hardware usage to >90% hardware usage
  • From individual updating of hardware and base software to transparent updating
  • From adding capacity in weeks to adding capacity in seconds
  • From months or years to deploy an application, to immediate deployment


  • Infrastructure (IaaS) examples: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.
  • Software (SaaS) examples: Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Brandwatch.

Implications for companies

  • IT can be easily and quickly deployed in all processes. The digitalization of processes will bring a level of change equivalent to the electrification of processes during the early 20th century.
  • IT infrastructure can be virtualized and outsourced, reducing the infrastructure on the books, the associated cost and the IT staff required to manage it, as well as improving radically its speed and flexibility.

Industries for which the trend is critical

  • Process digitization: all industries, as digitization of processes impacts everything
  • IT Infrastructure virtualization: especially industries with significant IT spend like telecom and banking

For more information reach out to me at Deloitte

Explaining the cloud through pizzas

pizza as a service

Pizza as a Service from Epi server

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