About Jaime Rodriguez-Ramos

I am a proud dad of four (thanks Cova!), son (thanks Mum and Dad!), brother, friend, runner, reader, gamer, and Stanford grad. I am currently in Telefonica tech, a former consultant at Monitor, McKinsey, and Roland Berger, a two-time entrepreneur in SaaS and tech services and investor in technology in general. You can learn more about me and connect at my Linked In account.

I write about the topics I am passionate about because I think they are going to change the world:

  • Tech Transformation. I have designed, sold, and executed many tech transformations, partnering with many marquee tech names. I believe the potential impact of technology in all businesses is game-changing, and the deployment phase has just started. I also know how difficult it is for people and organizations to transform.
  • Strategy & Portfolio management. Strategy and portfolio management bring intellectual challenge and transformative potential. Even more, in a world where the changing technology landscape doesn’t allow organizations to stay put. Designing, communicating, executing, and updating strategy are timeless challenges we need to face continuously today.
  • SaaS and Cloud. SaaS and Cloud represent embodied digital processes. It is the closest you can get to buy bottled tech transformation ready to apply. Consequently, its potential is enormous. I have run a SaaS startup, invested in many advising their CEOs, and sold, bought, partnered with, and implemented SaaS products in corporations and small businesses. I know that the obstacles to get to that potential are also enormous.
  • World, Life, and Meaning. I am also fascinated by the impact technology is having on the arc of history, our social contracts, our daily lives, and our construction of meaning. I mostly think and read but sometimes also write about these topics.

I combine a business, technology, and financial perspective. So I am a fox in the Isaiah Berlin classification. I have continuously been obsessed with technology’s transformative power to improve the human adventure. So I am also a hedgehog of sorts. 

Most of all, life is about people. Ensuring everything we do is filled with love, humility, and happiness. Impacting positively those around us every day.