Tech and Business

Exponential technologies are eating the world. The rate of change we are experiencing is unprecedented and every six months we see a new technology come and take the world by storm. In this barrage of new technologies and trends, we need to have a way to look below the iceberg and focus on what technologies and trends can disrupt our businesses.

Based on work at Monitor Deloitte we have created a technology and trend map you can use to help you decide what to worry about and learn about. Now technologies are those you should already be using if they are relevant, if not you are already behind. Next Big Things are nearing the exponential curve and you should be exploring the relevant ones for your industry, as they could literally change everything. Future technologies you might be a little more relaxed about in the short term as they will take some time to mature, although they might change your world dramatically in some industries.

Now Next Big Things Future
Front AI – Chatbots

Socia, adtech and commerce


AI – Virtual Assistants

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Mind-machine interface
Business Model Agile management

New Consumers


Platforms and Sharing


Autonomous cars General AI
Back AI – RPA

3D Printing


2 speed IT, APIs and Microservices

AI – Cognitive

Physical Robots



Commercial Space

Quantum computing


Data Big data & analytics


Internet of Things


Dark data

Digital Governance

These trends can be grouped in great technological transformations, similar to the ones that Carlota Perez describes in her Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, except that they are all occurring at the same time:

  • Software Processes. Integrating AI, Cloud, Big Data and Dark Data to change the way business processes are conceived and the speed and quality at which they operate

I believe the best way to move forward towards the new scenarios is the Zoom Out Zoom In strategic planning methodology by John Hagel, the Deloitte business thinker at the Center for the Edge. This tool has you set out 10-20 years in your vision but then brings you back to the next six months for actions. I have seen great insight and action spring from it when applying it to both client and Deloitte settings.

At Monitor Deloitte we are working hard to put together our technology knowledge with our industry knowledge to create specific long-range industry scenarios and maps. You can find the highlights of some of them here

  • Banking
  • Fashion
  • Telco
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Advertising

If you want to apply this to your corporation reach out to me at Deloitte and I will get you the right person for your industry and country.